Ln. K. Raj Kumar

Ln. K. Raj Kumar



Sri. Lion K. Raj Kumar is an accomplished writer having authored several text books in his field of interest – Geography. 

He has earned his Masters degree in Management from Osmania University and a LLB from Kakatiya University.


Being an effective educational leader requires a complex set of knowledge, skills, and qualities; and Sri Lion K. Raj Kumar is adept 

at all! He is a progressive leader who believes that inclusion, integrity and insight are the keys to good administration. 

He is a firm believer in the infinite potential of young minds he mentors and adheres to the principle and believes 

education is incomplete without incorporating core values within the system.

He believes in

• Doing the best for his students by providing an inclusive and nurturing environment

• Building collaborative partnerships between students, teachers, parents and community based on respect and mutual 


• Transparency and encouraging investment of all stakeholders in decision making.

Sri Lion K. Raj Kumar possesses a clear vision and a strong sense of purpose. He is a self driven leader with excellent 

communication and interpersonal skills. As a person who believes in empowering those around him, he is against the idea 

of promoting something that he himself does not wholeheartedly believe. He has a passion for discovering unique and 

compelling ways in which he can improve his environment and himself. 

He established and partner of number of schools,junior colleges and dgree and P.G.colleges.




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