Welcome to HDA, where we unleash students’ potential and provide them with the best Defence jobs training along with Intermediate to liven up their dream career.

        We offer personal, unique attention to every student so that they can excel and gain the skills they need to get through the Defence Jobs. One-on-one feedback from Trainer/Teacher prepares our students to deliver their best. With ground breaking developmental plans, comfortable accommodation with fresh food, and highly skilled and experienced Lecturers, students get a chance to explore themselves and out-compete others.

        Students are guided by the most experienced Trainers / Lecturers that have been working in the industry for years and know the ins and outs of training students to the core. Full PHYSICAL TRAINING infrastructure and recreational activities available for students to have the most enjoyable experience.

        Our motive is not to teach the students the curriculum and leave with bits and pieces; we aim to work closely with students and help you solve the puzzle effectively. If you are looking for a chance to jump-start the skills you need, we would love to assist.