A man with 30 years of distinguished service in the Indian Air Force and held many important appointments. After retirement worked as Principal and Chief Administrator to couple of Academies before joining as Chief Mentor to HDA. He is the ultimate name and a pioneer in awakening consciousness about national level competition by producing highly successful and ultimate results in IIT-JEE, NDA, Engineering Entrance exams of Indian Navy and Indian Army and Technical group jobs of Air Force, Navy, Army and Coast Guards. He holds Engineering degree with Master Degree in Management.



Conventional career options like Engineering and Medicine has reached saturation levels. Except for the IITs and IIMs, most of the alumni of the other professional colleges are finding it extremely difficult to find a job worthy of their technical qualifications. In fact a leading HR consultant has stated that more than 80 % of the graduating engineers are not employable and this has created tremendous dilemma in the minds of parents and budding aspirants who are at the cross roads of their life. 


Admission to NATIONAL DEFENSE ACADEMY AND NAVAL AND ARMY ENGINEERING ACADEMIES (TES) AND TECHNICAL GROUP OF AIR FORCE, ARMY, NAVY AND COAST GUARDS after Intermediate not only ensures a respectable and professionally rewarding career but relieves the pressure of the parents in finding an appropriate career option for their wards. 


Unlike the plethora of coaching institutes which have mushroomed in cities for engineering and allied entrance examinations, the existing institutions for preparation of NDA entrance exams are woefully inadequate in sheer numbers and have somehow lost the sheen of its envisaged goals.


HYDERABAD DEFENCE ACADEMY (HDA) has been conceived with the vision of nurturing potential aspirants from an early stage (Class X) and equipping them with the requisite skills to meet the challenges of the entire spectrum of the different stages of selection process of defence jobs.

The two year curriculum has been designed to prepare the candidate for the National Defence Academy, NAVAL ACADEMY and JEE (Mains) entrance examinations and  Technical group  jobs of Air force, Navy, Army and Coast Guards and  in so doing ensure that on successful culmination of their Intermediate, they directly join the Defence Jobs. 


The focus during this period is to provide quality instruction in academics, while concurrently shaping the overall personality of the students of fulfilling the exacting mental, physical and emotional standards required for entry into the defence forces. Towards this end, a state-of-the-art training infrastructure backed by an experienced and dedicated faculty set in a serene and enabling environment free from distractions has been designed at GHATKESAR; HYDERABAD located about 10 Kms from UPALL X ROADS, Hyderabad. We are committed to providing every aspirant the wherewithal, the confidence and courage to achieve his coveted ambition of joining the defence forces as a career professional.